Soft Tissue Massage Therapy

For thousands of years healers have recognized the positive effects of massage therapy techniques for maintaining a strong, healthy body. Beyond relaxation and stress management, numerous benefits result from professional massage therapy, including the releasing of toxins, increasing blood flow and stimulating mental alertness.

Massage Therapy from skilled, trained Remedial Massage Therapists greatly compliments and accelerates the results of Chiropractic care.

Our massage therapist thoroughly evaluates each patient while taking unique lifestyles into account to determine individual needs, trigger points, and imbalances. This careful evaluation is then used to create personalized massage plans to help your total body feel your absolute best. Schedule a chiropractic massage therapy appointment today to start your journey towards becoming a happier, healthier you.

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Massage fees:

30 minute massage - £25

60 minute full body massage - £40

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